February 26, 2008

Does he not get enough!

I answered because I was worried where he’d be, and I needed to hear the background noise just to make sure I won’t get any nasty surprises on my way to the work event I have been planning all month!

Him: Aiwaa ezzayek?
Me: (did I hear cheerfulness?!! Ostor ya rab) is there anything you want?
Him: I was in maadi earlier today
Me: (please God tell me he left, he said earlier, I am safe!) so!!
Him: I had a job interview, and after I finished I passed by a lot of places where we used to hang out and have fun
Me: you’re calling me to tell me that?!!! (wheeew, now I can breathe)
Him: yes
Me: ok, let me tell you this: next time you feel nostalgic, don’t come and walk the streets of maadi
Him: ommal??
Me: you can try walking the streets of mohandeseen around your old work, or you know, the streets of haram… (this is where he used to hang out with her)
Him: ya sheikha da rabena beysame7…
Me: rabena kebeer, and btw I think w’Allaho a3lam, rabena beysame7 elly ebeyndam we ye7awel yessala7 ghalato… so clear your act if it’s forgiveness you want, but don’ give me the whole second chances crap
Him: is that all you have to say to me?
Me: yeah, well, whatever I say really, you only hear what you wanna hear… like for example, I like answering you because I get to tell you all the shit I have in mind and I can hang up and continue being the pleasant person you no longer get to see, this is my fun… I don’t know why you call though!!
Him: because I am your husband, don’t you think you have any moral obligation towards me?
Me: no! not really! Should I??? for all I care you’re someone I would rather have nothing to do with, and it’s only a matter of time… ana ha2fel ba2a 3ashan mesh fadyalak… ya rab tekoon akhadt gor3et el ghatata beta3tak for the day *hung up*

My event was a blast; it went smooth and thank God he did not pull any stunts.


Sue said...

LOL @ the streets of haram. I can't understand why he keeps talking to you and acting as if he did not hurt you!!

insomniac said...

no no no sweetie, it was said shaware3 el haram, mesh share3 el haram... lol... makanetsh ra2asa la2, she just lived there :)))

hahahaha it felt funny being said btw :)))

as for him acting as if he never hurt me, well, he thinks had good enough reasons, he thinks he should be forgiven because he said something as meaningless as "sorry", and he thinks he's a better person because he does not have the courage to see himself for what he really is

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

I just keep wondring WHY

does he really think he didn't get his second chance yet

any way never mind
I'm still upset about this event you didn't invite me
:( ;<

Anonymous said...

Hi Insomniac :) , I was just wondering what's this guy's birth sign?!! he amazes me really , very curious to know this strange sign :D


insomniac said...

R, ur into signs, cool! what's urs??? he's Libra btw :) typical Libra to a great extent :)

Nora said...

This post actually feels happy...
I hope you felt happy as you hung up on him and did not let him bother you!

haijekov said...

i have to say this is one of the most interesting blogs i've ever passed upon.
Complements being made, i really wish you all the best. And as u previously mentioned in the post about your dad, just hold on to the patience you have left and life WILL have its way in paying you back as well as make him pay.
3ala ra2y settena Alanis Morissette in 'Ironic': "life has a funny way" ;)

have a great evening

Anonymous said...

I'm a virgo..and yes I'm so into signs :) , my husband is a gemini btw.

Oh..so he's a libra..I thought libra is all about fairness and justice and all ,u know (scales).


insomniac said...

Nora :)

i am in a general happy mode these days alhamdulilah :)) and although i don't buy his remorse act, i am like enjoying for some reason... perhaps it's the general happy mode!!

insomniac said...


thanks for the nice compliment, and for what it's worth, i paid ur blog a visit; looks like i will go there more often :)

and well, i learned to hold on to patience because i didn't have much choice about it :) so much for a believer, or i believe that patience can be rewarded, i am just impatient by nature... gemini!!

anyway, the adeena-a3deen mode is not really bad when ur not in a crappy mood... and settena alanis said "life has a funny way of screwing upon you when you think every thing's great..." don't use that phrase man... i am done being screwed upon :)

insomniac said...

R, ur virgo, my son is virgo!! u guys are brilliant :) we share a planet, actually u borrowed a planet :))))

he's a disturbed libra... he thinks he's fair!! and he obssesses about all the libra things, only in his own disturbed way!!!

i can go on forever, but i will just tell u he cares that much about what ppl think of him (so libra) that the thing that drove him crazy the most is that i made him look bad :) when ppl look at me and say but ur 3a2la and there is no way you would be the crazy person he talks about, i smile and say nothing... and he looks bad :)

well i have a couple of planets in libra, so i kinda have some of the charm as well, too bad he doesn't have either the gemini or virgo wits ;)) he used mine, now he's cut off :)

haijekov said...

i just saw your reply now!
i meant for this Alanis quote to be directed at him
as for your part of it, she says: "And life has a funny way of helping you out when you think everything's gone wrong"
i still stand my grounds wishing you all the best.

p.s. How come we virgos are taking over the blogging community :D

insomniac said...

yeah can't wait until my virgo boy blogs, hehe... now he only knows how to use around 10 letters, not good enough for blogging :))