October 9, 2007

Things that make me smile, until…


My son rushing towards the steering wheel as we get in the car, standing on my seat and saying with his most excited tone: “aannnn annnnnnnnnnnnn” (that’s meant to be driving sound for him)

Me: Bomba (that’s what my best friend D calls him), edrab el kalaks
Him: 2a2aaaaaa *hitting the steering wheel*
(it makes me laugh every time!!)

When he insists on pulling away the newspaper from my sister since it is my dad’s thing to sit and read it.

When he mistakes my hair band for hers and pulls it off (with a huge chunk of my hair), just to give it to her saying “GooGooo” (that’s what he calls her)

When everyone is asleep and he’s restless, so he keeps saying each name and putting both his palms on one cheek so as to signal that each one of them is asleep


When he is awake and tries to pull himself up, and then sees me approaching him and gives me that BIG smile and his cute brown eyes seem to get much bigger!

When he crawls next to his sleeping brother and starts grabbing his hair; it feels like he’s taking his own revenge for all the times beano would grab him hard to kiss him

When he crawls too fast with excitement to go towards a colorful toy

When I stretch both of my arms high, holding him and he laughs so hard until he starts drooling

When he keeps mumbling meaningless things at the top of his lungs only to pause and smile when he notices I am silently looking at him and smiling

I just love those two, looking at them when they both play together makes things feel a little bit better until I start wondering how things will be different and how they are meant to change one day from little cuties to annoying kids, then obnoxious teenagers. Will they one day believe the lies their father might tell about me and who ended the marriage? Will they accuse me for not caring enough for the two of them to swallow my pride and remain married to their dad like my own father says?? Truth is, I am scared to death.

October 9, 2007


Ma-3lina said...

Oh it has been a while.

Every time I checked ur blog and did not find anything new, I get worried.

So, here u are with 3 posts :))

That was an amazing post that made me laugh but honestly I didn't like the end with u wondering about how they will think about ur marriage and stuff.

Believe me he wont get into them coz ur the one who will be around all the time so dont even worry about that.

Best regards to ur beloved children :))

insomniac said...

more posts keep coming, asl i kinda spent too much time on the computer anyway with no one around to talk to, fa badal matganen....

you should see how those two act, they make me laugh all the time, except when either one of them is sick or acting up in an obnoxious way

as for him getting to them, i know what u mean, but one day both of them are bound to wonder what went wrong and i hope they won't be in the mood to blame me cause they'll probably be too old for me to tickle them out of it.

Anonymous said...

ana 2oltelek..I wanna marry one of those cuties! :D masha Allah

don't worry of what's to come...as long as it'll be the right decision..and I know you'll be up to it insha Allah :)

insomniac said...

and i told you epi to make up your mind which one already, a lot of gals are interested you know :)

Maxxed`ouT said...

I wanna see them
Post a pic!

insomniac said...

kaf, you haven't seen the photos i posted in my previous blog?!!!!!!!

it's a shame u missed those :)

will do... i'll let you know

Jade said...

How Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

Oh I love the pictures & the little one's eyes - mashallah...

Babe, with a lot of love, time & attention... with happiness that you portray to them as they grow older - they will be very much attached to you & hopefully they will understand. E3melly elly 3aleiky in explaining to them when they are old enough... & seeby el ba2y 3ala rabena.

Rabena ye7fazhom

Maxxed`ouT said...

shabah ba3d awy!
The older one looks all mischief tho :)
God bless!

insomniac said...

joujou, they say the little one looks a lot like me at that age!! my sister wants everyone to say he has her eyes (yeah right)... thanks for the uplifting words :) isA all will be ok regarding those 2

kaf, ppl keep telling me they look alike, and i know they kinda do, but they feel different... i think it's the attitude...

yeah beano is motashared we "rad segoon" like baba calls him, but in an adorable kinda way :) and we expect mocha to be even more motashared with a charming smile tho... yeah yeah "el edr fe 3een ommo".. thanks

SaRa said...

Do not worry insomniac.. ISA they will be grown enough to know who did what. I have the same feeling about my nephew.. Except he is less fortunate of having his mother around more often.. but heck i am here.

God bless them they are soooooooooooooooo cute

insomniac said...

thanks a lot sara for both, the visit and the comment :)

yeah i saw seif, isn't he the cutest :) i did tell u on that post he looked a LOT like u girl...

beano once said baba 2a2aa, i hope he meant it *insert wicked laugh*... actually, the more time passes, the more i am certain they will have nothing to do with him (his choice, but i am grateful that way)

Dino$ said...

omg sho cute :) 3asal ya nass!!!

tal3eeen la mamit-hum cute!

insomniac said...

awww thank you dinos :))