October 23, 2007

On Nurseries in Egypt!!

So I’ve been planning to have bomba join a nursery but I’ve been too busy to do the research and find a proper place for him until it occurred to me that I can do that while sitting at home, or at least most of it anyways.

So here is a chat session between my sister Maat and I on that matter… enjoy!

me: fe had fel denia yessamy hadana: atfal bela hodood

Maat: loooool
eh dah ?!

me: why why why would they call a nursery Barbie
ya3ne ebny ye’ool ana fe Barbie!!!!
Maat: barbie ????????
no waaay! maybe it's a girls nursery ??!!!
me: lol, that would be even more freaky
i won't call them
tab ye2olo barbie we gijoe lol
bananas in pajamas!!!!!!
Maat: oh that's fun
bananas in pajamas is fun, call them up
me: i am writing the list men ala el yellow pages, then i will call
i am picking elly hawalaya ashan malefesh el sob7wana bawadeeh
Maat: beeso? de nursery /
la2 msh 7elwa
betfakarny b beesa, w beesa betfakarny b ayda ryad...
me: lol aslan maktoob enaha fe share’ el nasr,
i am guessing it doesn't even have a play ground
i will call aslan kol elly hawalaya,
elly hasterayahlohom over the phone, i will personally check them out
Maat: yeah that's a good idea
me: fe had yesamy hadana cheers ashan yetla3o sokareya
Maat: looool
me: at least that's what my mind wandered to
Maat: hey that's actually not so bad a name
me: it’s not really, i personally like it…
Maat: enta fein ya bomba
ana f cheers, he would say "tstheers"
me: lol
tom & Jerry kids al amerekeya,
do i get special discount cause bomba looks like jerry
Maat: bomba doesnt look like jerry anymore, he looks meaner
me: heeey is it weird that i don't like el hadana cause esmaha tip top
i remember walking by it bas mesh fakra fein
Maat: tip top is better than beeso
me: lol
Maat: okay,u checked kidiology sah ?
me: yep, earlier... but didn't check if they still have room for him after ramadan
i don't think it would be a problem tho
Maat: i like the name a lot!!!
me: now i like how this one sounds: Granny’s
easy to pronounce for bomba and sounds homey
Maat: granny’s is cozy yeah,where's that
me: in maadi,in my area of preference kaman!!
fakra el hadana elly kanet fe share’ wahib doos?
kanet fe villa
now i really liked that one, too bad it's no longer there
Maat: so where exactly is kidiology?
me: nirco
esma3y de: dIcky duck, lol
Maat: ya3ny eh
me: maktooba keda in arabic letters
ديكي داك
Maat: looooool
this is baad!!
me: i suppose they meant ducky duck
which isn't that much better if u ask me
Maat: it's..... dumb.... DUMB and baaad
me: seriously, ppl should give those things more thought...
kids are messed up already
and they should not name them gender biased names
Maat: poor kids
me: sadeeq al tefl barney!!!!
Maat: loooooooooooooooool
that's a name ???????
sadeeq el tefl barney ?
again i raise the question..
what about those with a slightly weak "qaf" ?
w ba3den aslan el 3eyal de msh bete3raf tetkalem awy
me: yeah, that's the problem

Too bad Maat was disconnected before I told her about some of the feedbacks I got over the phone… will share them later!!

October 23, 2007


Anonymous said...

i could totally propose some names for u, since i went thru the same trouble around 6 months ago.
i wouldnt kno except ones in nasr city and heliopolis tho.
where do u live?

insomniac said...

thanks a lot anon... no, nasr city and helio are not convenient :s... i am looking for one in maadi... i am not desperate yet, i was still doing my lazy online/phone search... ur input is appreciated tho :)

oceaneyes said...

i hope u could find the convenient nursery..

god be wiz u ..


Will E. said...

I vote beeso and rashad ghazal

Maxxed`ouT said...

Maat is your sister?
As in blood sister?!

insomniac said...

oe, thanks

will, it's good u don;t get a vote then :) i'd send him to the one next to torra though!

max, where were u when we announced that!! yep, she's my 3 years younger sister, my sons are the nephews she can't stop talking about :) surprized?????

Nora said...

I was offered a job at a nursery in Maadi. It was named Small Talk. I met the owner and she seemed like a nice lady. She seemed like the kind of person who takes her job seriously and is looking out for the interest of the kids she cares for.
Check it out...

Other than that, I have students who are really good in school this year and they all went to a place called The Baby Academy I think. I can ask the parents about the name again if you're interested. I can only assume that they did something right if the kids are usually better at school than their classmates.

Good luck!

Maxxed`ouT said...

Well kind of yeah
You dont strike me as sisters khales...

insomniac said...

nora, thanks a lot for the advice, can u email me the address for small talk since it wasn't listed in the yellow pages!

as for The Baby Academy, i've heard it was the best, but it's in mohandeseen, which is kinda of a deal breaker...

max, i hope u mean that in a good way :) but yeah, we're two different personalities, but we do have things in common, u'd be surprized even more :)

Deeeeeee said...

Looool! I loved reading the conversation, totally something my sister and I would crack up about too! Good luck finding something suitable! :)

Maat said...

Maxxed, I wouldn't be able to guess on my own either that we are sisters if I were you.. but insomniac mentioned it A LOT in her posts and her comments 3andy! anyhooo.. this is good, this should mean that not everybody knows just yet!

insomniac said...

now everybody does...no??

Nora said...

I never had the address. The owner gave me her call number. I will try to look for that.
Anyway, I think it was kinda close to Green Mill. If Green Mill is on your right hand side and you are heading toward the train tracks it is on your right hand side. (After that funny looking building that resembles the Baron's Palace)
Anyway, next time I am in Maadi I'll try to get an address for you...and when I find the number I will definitely send it.

insomniac said...

i know the place, and the funny building, there is a nursery there called T.E.E. T.I.M.E..... i will ask around for small talk though, perhaps even drive around...

thanks a lot :))

Maxxed`ouT said...

I knew you were connected somehow but i thought you were just friends...

It's really odd how different you two seem to be.
Maat strikes me as a really mellow, laid-back, non-chalant character (which i totally admire btw).
Insomniac on the other hand.... hmmm... you have this.. well, rage!
But i guess it's justified given the circumstances and what you're goin' thru...

insomniac said...

max, well you're so right about maat!! it's not really a surprize that you are, her personality shows pretty well in her blog and even in her comments... she's always been the quiet one :))

and yep, i have always been the sha3noona one (even as a child), which made the contrast so clear as we both grew up... she got calmer and calmer and i got... i don't know, ME i guess...

but we do share a lot of opinions and we have more or less the same ethical and moral codes, it's just the way we express ourselves that's different!

Maxxed`ouT said...

I prefer quiet people.
I'm a very quiet person myself...

So is she available?!

Maat said...

am I available? well.. my supposed latin crush is hundreds of miles away, and I'm not looking for a long term relationship or a serious commitment or anything.. so sure yeah why not!
but hey.... I may not "talk" too much (hence referred to as the quiet one) but I do express A LOT of my thoughts when given the chance, so maybe you won't like that ;)
Pisces men are fun in their own way I guess! hmmm...

Maxxed`ouT said...

LATIN crush?

I can't compete with that :s

Maxxed`ouT said...

When in a one-on-one situation and the conversation idles, i start scripting fiction stories in my head.

Most of my blogs budded on unfortunate dates...

khadiga said...

I want to tell u about a nursery called esparanza educational preschool (have 2 branches in dokki and helioopolis) they r perfect, I feel proud when i find people in egypt still love what they r doing.

insomniac said...

thank you very much Khadiga, but my search area was Maadi! My kids are currently in a very good nursery alhamdulilah and they both seem to have loads of fun too :)

thanks a lot for your comment tho!

khadiga said...
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marwa said...
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insomniac said...

sorry ladies,

but seeing how that post gets too many hits because of the nurseries title, i found the comments to be serving more as an ad!

and this blog does not offer advertising services except those i personally and strongly recommend...

and for google search users, kindly go to an official rating site, this is nothing but a ranting space