November 7, 2009

Sleep sleep sleep, bye bye insomnia!

All through the past two weeks I’ve been having some serious sleep encounters, as in I fall asleep almost everywhere, which is my baby sister’s thing actually!! Coffee no longer works, I drink about three huge mugs a day, black, no sugar, and yet I can’t seem to keep my eyes opened, not even while driving, ME!!!

After the second time I fell asleep while driving, I decided to see a doctor. I hate how doctors laugh at me when I speak of my eccentricities as if they were normal. Yes, I barely sleep 4 hours straight a day, and I wake up in the middle of the night having serious troubles falling back to sleep; hence insomniac. Always have and I think I have gotten used to it by now, this is not a change I would welcome actually!!

Apparently, my body has a different agenda! I lose focus; I get dizzy, and eventually fall asleep. My body has decided my insomnia days are over and now I don’t even sleep like normal people, I sleep all the freakin time and I hate it!!

I tried to act all stubborn and stay up late without even a nap that weekend and the punishment was horrible; I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow for the next 14 hours. I had a nasty migraine as if an iron fist was squeezing all the brain cells out of my scull, and when I eventually got out of bed I almost didn’t recognize my mirror image; I was extremely pale and fuzzy, I looked more like a zombie!

So yes, I am surrendering to all the sleep; today I woke up at 10am after sleeping at 1am, only to go for a long nap at 5pm and wake up at 9!!! And I know I will probably be in bed within an hour at most!!!

I sort of have an identity crisis!! If this lasts, I will change my name from insomniac to sleepy head! Oh insomnia, I will miss you.

P.s. The reason I have not been posting is basically because I am either asleep or out of focus most of the time :(


Ice Queer said...

Hahaha can I be super shallow/mean and say that this is SO gemini? =P

insomniac said...

you ARE mean!

meh, i'm too sleepy to care!!

what! so gemini!! everything i do is so gemini to you; you have some sort of gemini complex...

hey your birthday came already or around the corner?

Sue said...

I've been a sleepy head my entire life, I guess it gets worse during weather changes. You might find this article useful:

Sara said...

it happens to me too with the winter's entrance .. I guess its normal specially when it gets a little bit cold - tho it's been extremely hot the last 2 days -

So, never mind, you'll balance yourself when the weather gets balanced.

Ice Queer said...

Lol i said it in a sarcastic way :p enno u were inso and now sleepy head :D mel naqeed lel naqeed like gemini's phases

Yeah it was on 26th of Oct =)

Anonymous said...

Oh inso , akeed your body and mind have had enough of insomnia that they eventually collapsed!

Insomnia sucks , oversleeping as well.Balance is always the best.

Have some rest , you'll need that for the coming insomnia days.


Amira AK said...

ooh! ya einy! haha.. funny. well, i'm in dire need of sleep. want to switch places?

insomniac said...


thanks dear... i read through the link until the "bored" part... i think it explained a lot!!!


exactly! i did not even feel cold, one second i was driving in traffic, the next ZZZZZZ!!!



oh, and it's the same as my boss' BD :)


hahaha, my body was meant to collapse, i totally agree! insomnia sucks but it's familiar and i got used to understanding how to work my life around it... problem with oversleeping is that you sort of sleep through everything!!

i think i am getting better, i managed to be mesa7sa7a until 10 am this morning... sort of sleepy now :)


i don't want to be in a dire need of sleep, ana banam 3ala roo7y as it is :)) i want to not NEED to sleep... and hun, go get some sleep, unless you're a fellow insomniac!

Amira AK said...

la' la' la'.. fellow insomniac meen.. I value and cherish and need my 7 hours of sleep a day. lately, it's down to 5:30-6 hrs and that's why i'm in dire need of sleep ;)

Care said...

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Clerk said...

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