October 27, 2009

Angry Mode Alert… and time to kick some a**

I am so pissed off on so many levels to the extent that I am screaming in my head with obscene words I am not even sure I understand!!

I could write about five posts at least discussing each –different- reason behind that anger and ranting nonstop about how things are just not freakin’ right! But I am too angry to be coherent…

Now dear blog readers, I need more than your moral support (which I always ALWAYS appreciate) on this one… if anyone who reads this happens to work in the AUC, or knows someone who works there and has the right contacts to make sure I’m heard , please contact me on my email; in case my email is not clear on my blogger ID page, it is



karim said...

what happend for all these fellings? be cool please, i hope u be in a good case soon

Abdelsalam Rashad said...

What's wrong Inso?? Try to calm down not to make anything to regret afterwards.

hurricane_x said...

Then kick all the a**** u want :)

Evaluna said...


on a different note... ASS.. ***z
since when do you hold back swearing.. i learned most "obscene" words from YOU! i know it's cause it's a public blog and all.. but it just felt funny.. hehe.. INSO!! swear ONN..

insomniac said...


i've been meaning to kick some ass, only i am too sleepy to actually take such action!!!


ya gazma!!! can you deny that up until recently i've been holding back with all the obscenity!!!

yes, i am relapsing these days and i use the swear words again, but i am really provoked!!

well, be ware of my wrath :)