May 31, 2009


A year ago, I wished for something extraordinary for my birthday.

Throughout the year, I had one constant wish; get my divorce before I turn 28.

That was the gift May (the month) promised, and that’s the gift it delivered after too much anticipation. I am no longer his wife. Although I have not been his wife all through the past two years, it feels good to know that no law binds me to him anymore.

May also threw in another gift, my best friend D is back to Egypt for good. I can still remember August 2007 when I was crying my heart out because she was moving there for two years. It’s funny how I can almost cry again at the thought of her leaving me alone in the midst of all my drama; makes me twice as grateful that she’s back. Of course she’s still jet-lagging her brains off, but we have all the time to catch up.

For the first time in a long time I have no great wishes for my birthday, only small material ones like a pair of shoes I liked or some accessories I am too broke to spare money buying after my last online shopping spree (yes hints for my sisters)!

Otherwise, I am thankful that way!! I have no wish for ultimate happiness because I would like to believe that I have it in me to see the little happiness-es that come my way and help me through crappy days, and I am old enough to realize it counts for a lot more than a grand happiness disappearing due to a horrible tragedy.

So June, you can come peacefully without any promises of things getting better. Oh ok, promise me I won’t look 28, and neither will I look 30 in two years :)

I am still trying to figure out how I will spend tomorrow, I’m contemplating taking the day off and doing all sorts of things that randomly come to mind. I wish I could see all my friends at the same time, but my friends are too diverse to gather in one place and have fun, so I will just make myself time with each at a time... it's actually good because this way I get to expand my birthday to more than just one day ;)

Tomorrow I turn 28, and I have enough good things in my life that make up for the not so good ones!

This year, no birthday blues for a change :)


Brownie said...

el hamdolliah that u wish comes true and hope coming years to be better inshaallah
on personal perspective,i noticed too that this year's May is better than last years el hamdolliah

Mohamed ElGohary said...

Happy Birthday :)

insomniac said...

thank you guys :))

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaay :D

Kol sana wnty tayeba Inso, i have a feeling you look way younger than 28 in real life =) .....enjoy your parties ;)


insomniac said...


Allah yekremek ya R ya okhty :) i really hope so... it would be great if i can pass for 18! that was my favorite age anyway!

Abdelsalam Rashad said...

Happy birthday Inso..
Wish you have a blast tomorrow..
Enjoy it to the ultimate..
It's ur first birthday in freedom so you have to remember it for the rest of ur life..

insomniac said...

it is today khalas ya abdelsalam :)))

although i am at work, i had a breakfast we D and Mayo and i am still trying to plan the rest of the day... i think i'll leave work early today :)

it feels good!

oh and i yelled at the x for calling, feels twice as good :D

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u

u look like a monky
and smell like one too

معلش بس الأغنيه دي عجبتني قلت اهديهالك في عيد ميلادك

كل سنه وانتي طيبه

ويارب تكوني بخير
مختفيه ومبتساليش من فتهر مش عارف ليه
خدي بالك من نفسك

اما موضوع الجزمه اللي نفسك فيها دي اعتقد ان القوانين بتاعة التدوين تحظر ان المدونين يهادوا بعض اي حاجه ولا حتى الجزم

اخوكي ايهاب

insomniac said...

shokran ya ehab, 3al birthday wish mesh 3al oghneya, matghaneesh tany abadan :P

la merci mesh 3ayza el gazma, ana mestaneya my sisters yeshofo haygebohaly wala la2 :)

smiley said...

First .. Happy birthdaaaaaaaay :) , may all your wishes come true en shaa Allah

Second .. u turned 28 ?? bas !
i dunno why I thought u were a little bit older than that :D

Third, u must be wondering who is smiley anyway :D , am the same Sara who left couple comments on few posts .. I deleted that last comment because i didn't notice that I was signed on when I left it .. u'll find smiley & Sara left almost the same comment .. sorry if that confused u

anyway .. wish you all happiness for you and ur kids inso :) , kol sana wenty tayba :)

Epitaph1987 said...

Happy Birthday...:) Wish you all peace of mind and serenity in the world isA :))

Anonymous said...

happy birth day Inso. and many happy ones to come InshAllah.

insomniac said...


Thanks hun :)

yes i am 28, although after yesterday i feel like i am 10 years younger thanks to my amazing friends!!!

no confusion done sweets, and welcome to blogia!!


long time to see :)

thanks a million for the birthday wishes...


Thanks a lot and men bo2ak le bab el sama :)))