June 14, 2009

Pending Reflections…

At the Physiotherapist’s…

Just relax, let go!
I can’t!!

At my Birthday Party…

I am just too happy that I have nothing in mind that I can possibly wish for!

My friend…

Well sounds like you're surrounded by ppl who love you

What would you wish me?”
Happiness, eternal happiness


Life is treating me well since my BD!!!
I think life thinks you've had enough
hehe, only it's never smart to actually believe that; life usually waits till u completely let your guard down
Well sometimes it's smart to believe that for a while

At the Hairdresser’s while having my nails done…

enty betsheddy a3sabbek awy!
haha, ma3lesh asfa, asly wakhda 3ala keda!

So to sum up what I had in mind…

I am incapable of just relaxing and enjoying the good stuff that life gives me!

Yet, apparently when I am happy, my friends seem to wish me more happiness because I am such good company that way!

I worry… and I am too afraid of letting my guard down; it's understandable given all I've been through! Or so I would like to believe.

I am too tense, even when I am supposedly relaxed!!

What can I say, I’d rather be hit to the face as painful and humiliating as it can be, rather than being stabbed in the back; at least I can see it coming.

Today I was slapped at the face, and it still felt too personal and as painful as a stab in the back!

Bounced back instantly though; if there is anything for me to have learnt during those past few days was that happiness is too precious to be lost over such a jerk, or any other jerk for that matter!

I have a couple of things to learn… keep on my exercises so that my back wouldn’t relapse… and learn to bask in my happiness and enjoy it to the fullest; let my guard down and hope my happiness will protect me!

Still, hold on to the things that make me who I am because these are the things that make me deserve the good things I have…

So change, and yet remain who I am!

And I thought it was gonna be hard!

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