December 14, 2008

I’ve come a long way, and I like it here

"You've come a long way" That’s what two of my friends whom I’ve got to know through this blog have told me when they last heard about my last encounters with the x. They said they were proud, and hearing that from two people who have not even gotten to see how it was when I first started, I couldn’t help but feel much prouder.

That’s the thought that came to mind as he kept calling.

Flashbacks of me crying nonstop since it all started, memories of utter confusion and self-doubt. Small details that haunted me and took away my peace, I remember them all! Not as painfully clear as I thought I would always do; they don’t bring as much pain, almost none, but they are quite the reminder of what I’ve been through.

Like the few hours before my c-section… and before that, the long drives with my pregnant belly and tears blinding me. Like the stitches that kept coming off post surgery from all the weeping and sobbing. Like the public humiliation caused by all the lies and the insults. Like his girlfriend walking towards me and rubbing it in and the dentists who used such information to harass me… millions of small details that caused so much turbulence and led me to believe I could never bounce back.

So I guess yes, I never thought I would reach indifference. I spent too many hours wishing for revenge and hoping I’d see him painfully regretting all of it. My ego visualized scenarios of him asking to have me back and me harshly rejecting him and hurting him twice as much as he hurt me. There were times I even motivated myself to move on by imagining the negative impact it would have on him to see me taking control of my own life without him. Until recently, I would occasionally wish him terrible things when it gets too annoying for my taste, and then I’d silently blame myself and shake off the negative feelings or write about it when it was too much to be shaken.

Until he actually asked me to return to him, I did not realize it would mean NOTHING to me the way it did! My ego did not even gloat about it; it seemed to shake its non-existing head without the least signs of interest, who knew! I found myself smiling to myself, for indifference felt much better to me than any possible revenge I could possibly plot or hope for! I am grateful that way.

So no, you don’t have any hold on me whatsoever, and it feels liberating to really know that you can’t get to me like you once did. It’s not fulfilling that you keep asking me to reconsider, it’s rather discomforting because it makes me worry my continuous rejection will make you react violently. Men do not take rejection well, something about male ego… and let’s put it this way, you’re not the sanest of men, not even close.

When you keep asking dull questions that should give you hints on my so called romantic life, you make me wanna laugh! You wouldn’t understand, all those who smile at me like they know better do not get it either. My romantic self is brain-dead, she’s on life support and I am too afraid to declare it, but I know she would not wake up, and I am completely ok with it; it makes me feel safe that way.

And no, I don’t want a divorce so that I can get married, I dread marriage now, not just because of the horrible experience or the lessons I learned in the process, but also because I know I would lose my kids to you, something I can never live with… but would you know about that!

Stop trying to talk me into being with you, stop trying to talk me out of divorce. There is no chance in hell I would reconsider. Had you known me better, you’d know I would not compromise on that one; that’s what happens when you marry solely for love, you have no reason to stay once that love is beaten out of you :)

Let me enjoy my peace, and go look for yours elsewhere for I have none to offer you.


rasha said...

ya saba7 elfull :)
shwayet hugs* saba7eya bas abl ay 7aga...

ah, btw ya3ni...ignorance is bliss...well, sometimes!
maba2ash fee 7aga esmaha yakhod elwelad de hehehehe khalas elkalam da legally betel :D
even custody won't be age related...ya3ni maba2ash mo7adad be sen...lghayet ma elwelad yekbaro...and they would decide...
In rare cases were a mother ( not our case anyway ) would be found incompetent to raise children ( proved criminal charges against her ba2a oo qesas men de ) custody would be granted to the kids' grandmother from your side...
Qesas aflam zaman de khalas...athbatat fashalha and speaking of altered women and family related laws although it is still way deficient...I would have to a7yee mama Susan :D

insomniac said...

he3 he3 he3 he3 :)))

i think he wants me to sign that paper still... my dad said it's a deal breaker and he can take his offer and shuvle it where the sun never shines if he still wants me to sign that document....

so anyway, it's all good alhamdulilah...

The.I.inside said...

You should be more than proud, bouncing back from a divorce can never be easy especially at the blessed Middle East, but you did it and for that you should be proud. (I am talking about emotionally). because finalized or not you are divorced.
whether your romantic life would rise from the dead or would stay dead. is something that's totally up to you to decide. but with an X like yours who would rather live in a made-up world where he is still married, rather then wake up, own up to what he did and try to compensate his kids. asking for a divorce has got to mean another marriage.
Don't mind him dear and once again don't forget to be Very proud of yourself.

insomniac said...

thanks I :)

what makes me proud is not because it was easy or hard... it's because i can still remember how it felt, but no longer feel that way... that liberating feeling makes me proud, like's i've grown or something :) and of course it's always flattering when people, even those who did not witness that change, can tell!

my x is crazy, i would post more about the updates, but it's too much drama for my taste, ay mosalsal 3araby (a bad one kaman) would totally do ;)

thanks again dear :))

justbeyu said...
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insomniac said...
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