December 28, 2008

In people’s biggest strengths, thou shalt find their biggest weaknesses

It just hit me!

Like any self proclaimed narcissist, I am aware of my qualities because I strongly believe that I should nourish and enrich them; not just that, I am also aware of my flaws because by embracing them, I learn how to not let them cloud my judgments and try to keep them under control.

It helps me learn about myself when I talk to people; when I hear their opinions and compare them against mine and see where I can relate and where I just can’t. I don’t always share what’s in my mind in the midst of that process, and sometimes I don’t share at all, but I definitely learn a lot.

A lot of people told me I am very emotional and passionate, and it goes both ways whether it’s about something I feel positively or negatively about.

I know friends who would intentionally provoke me into an argument just to watch my face turning red as I get carried away to make my point! Sometimes, while presenting my case, I catch a smile on my friends’ faces that goes “there she goes”, which could make me pause with embarrassment while sometimes it just makes me laugh as I realize they’re doing it on purpose!

Whether people do it on purpose, and whether I am catching on to their tricks, either way I always get passionate when people (mostly those I am on friendly basis with) lure me into an argument. It’s one of my things I suppose!

Ironically enough, although everyone I know keeps telling me that my passion is one of my biggest strengths, I keep finding out how it is my biggest weakness as well!

I don’t have an off-button for it. Sometimes I act like a crazy emotional neurotic (and sometimes hormonal) version of Don Quixote as I go on and on explaining things and proving points to an indifferent audience. It drives me crazy that I can’t help it even when I know I am being pushed on purpose just to be drained out of my strength.

Needless to say, I feel pathetic as I watch myself drawn to one futile argument after the other just like a moth to flame! I tell myself I should stop; that I should take a moment to pause hoping that moment would baffle those who want to use my passion against me. I tell myself that by always replying, I sometimes end up dignifying someone’s false claim, and that sometimes the best arguments are the ones unsaid! Sadly, I rarely go by that plan, and the few times I actually do, I get too angry and sometimes I even burst in tears!!

Talk about deadly passion!

Now, what’s your biggest strength? Could it also be your weakness?


rasha said...

yeah, ana men elnoo3 elly beyet7eme2 :D
i actually see it as a good thing...most people are either lame or one has the one has the flame and i like passionate me that's living even if it means fighting mills.

my biggest strength is strength...can't say it's a weakness but i can claim that it has major side effects.
zayaha zay my jammed mind...elza7ma elly fe makes me capable of doing a million things yet it deprives me my quiet nights...tooo much thoughts and too much memories and too much vivid emotions.

ba2olek eh...distraction is good...ana 7aroo7 a distract myself ba2a 3ashan alebty 3alaya elpains.

insomniac said...

sorry ya rasha, makansh asdi :)

we have a lot in common that way bel monasba, so if you like me like u say, men bab awla te like urself twice as much ;)

rasha said...

belmonasba bardo leeky 3andy 2 hugs*
( one for today and one for the day you needn't one...wala fakra eh...on credit mafeesh fayda :P)

Anonymous said...

I would refer to it as advantage and disadvangte at the same eternal problem is that I care too much , and it really has a downside to it , I care about EVERYthing necessary and not , my mind works all the time for things that deserve and things that don't...I wish I could be a little's a curse I'm telling you!


insomniac said...

caring too much could fall under the category of having too much passion :)

ya3ne, i am somewhat like you a bit, but once i stop caring for someone, i never really look back, they can burn in hell for all i care! as for things, it comes and goes, according to my attention span :D

thanks for stopping by :))

The.I.inside said...

I wish I would know my biggest strength, but no such luck.

insomniac said...

may be you should do it the other way around...

figure out your biggest weakness, analyze why you think it is a weakness and try to see if it could also be a strength if you work on it!

Shimaa Gamal said...

It is a really interesting question. I never really thought of what are my strengths. And as I read your post I was shocked that I can't really list my weaknesses :). They are many I guess :)