August 9, 2008

I can be quite impossible, I know!!

I’ve had the worst toothache since Tuesday night, the worst!! Since then, and perhaps even since before, I’ve been too sensitive towards every single little thing that I’ve been told or simply heard being said in my presence!! I can be intolerable that way, or as my baby sis refers to it “dramatic

Yesterday, my toothache was too painful I silently sulked in bed and avoided human interaction as much as I could, especially that I had a painful day in the club with the humidity, the sun and the works (my mom and kids, with the latter not so gracefully reacting to the heat and the humidity)!! My day couldn’t suck more! Ok, now that was dramatic.

Today was much better though! My dentist fixed me, even if it’s just temporary, but at least I can actually shut my mouth without jumping in pain! Moreover, I dare say I had a good day; it’s funny how I had one of my best days in quite a while (since last Friday to be exact) without having to say much!!

But with the toothache gone, leaving some space for all those thoughts in my head, I am starting to feel other different kinds of pain!! My head hurts, I am feeling noxious, and oh my God, the insomnia is hitting twice as hard although I have not touched coffee since Thursday!!!

And suddenly, I feel like I miss my toothache!!!!

I am not saying I am not happy, I am!! I am just too overwhelmed by a lot of other things that I can’t seem to quite grasp!!


Adam said...

No pain compares to toothaches

with that gone, you can actually say life is good :)

Loved the title BTW.

insomniac said...

"No pain compares to toothaches"
are you speaking from experience, or is it hearsay??

what did u love about the title?? u think it's true??


P.S. no trick questions today, i'm too exhausted! and happy!

Frustrated said...

Why didn't u drink coffee? coffee with analgesics gives better pain killing effect! ask a doctor:)

Adam said...

I can only quote S.J. Perelman:
"For years I have let dentists ride roughshod over my teeth; I have been sawed, hacked, chopped, whittled, bewitched, bewildered, tattooed, and signed on again; but this is cuspid's last stand. They'll never get me into that chair again. I'll dispose of my teeth as I see fit, and after they're gone, I'll get along. I started off living on gruel, and, by God, I can always go back to it again."

and about the title, you spared us from saying this by saying it yourself.

hurricane_x said...

alf salama :)
I wanna ask u sth...
after several days of insomnia, does the need for sleep hit u with a similar intensity?!

insomniac said...

frustrated :)

hi! u know, it never occurred to me to do that, i though coffee would make me more alert to the pain or something!! anyways, comping to think of it, i did have turkish coffee with whatever painkiller mix i had before going to the dentist on thursday and i remember i told him that i was not feeling the same pain i had been suffering from all day!!!

gr8!! all the more good reasons to drink coffee ;)

insomniac said...

then it was hearsay!! u didn't have to quote anyone to make a point btw; i've already had a wide range of extremely painful dental procedures, trust me!!

but believe me when i tell you that i've been through worse pain since year 2005 be it physical or emotional! alhamdulilah it's all over :))

of course i know i am impossible at times; who misses toothache!!!

insomniac said...

hurricane :)

Allah yesallemak :))

here is the thing with my "insomnia" it comes with constant fatigue and sleep; light sleep nonetheless... so i am basically laying in bed with my laptop having no energy to get up, sometimes i just switch the lights, and pretend to be asleep or even lose conscious for 30 minutes or so but i'm up in no time and most of the time i can hear all the noise in my surrounding... my family think i sleep too much but little do they know...

there are few cases however when i do sleep like normal people, i just seem to forget about it i guess!