August 10, 2008

She’s not drowning... yet! (part deux)

These thoughts could not come out in the form of words when they first came to mind; now after my toothache had gone, they seem to have found their way out!! Here... in the same order and with the same language my mind used!

بيقولوا اللي بيغرق بيتعلق بقشاية... مع اننا كلنا عارفين ان القشاية دي زي عدمها! بس هو غرقان و مش لاقي غير القشاية، هيتأمر يعني

طب و اللي يلاقي مركب، مش بديهي انه يمسك فيها؟؟ يمسك جامد أوي... اكيد مش هيفكر ساعتها المركب دي جت منين ولا عليها ايه، هيمسك و هو مغمض عينيه عن اي حاجة ممكن تخليه يقلق

Beggars are not choosers they say… and neither are those drowning and looking for whatever it is they can hold on to, I add.

Makes me wonder how many almost drowning people hailed for a pirate ship thinking they will be rescued only to find themselves trapped in a worse situation!

Makes me wonder if sometimes it’s actually better to drown!

Makes me remember something I read somewhere that went like that… the most dangerous thing to man is desperation… desperation could be derived from fear, but I think it’s worse than fear because it takes over, and when it does, the fear that cripples you is no longer there to stop you from doing whatever dangerous things there are to do!

Now you can see why my toothache was a better idea!!


haijekov said...

i think i should pay you back one of your "you're being too hard on yourself"s.
A pirate ship is not a worse situation than drowning cause you still have a chance, whether it's escaping or taking it over :)
Think about it. Hope you look on the brighter side and enjoy yourself instead of giving yourself hell about anything that could put a smile on your face dear.

insomniac said...


what if you were thrown into that water FROM a pirate ship??? what if it had been your execution... or your escape...

there is something i forgot to mention that came to mind as i read ur comment....

what if it's safer to stay in the water for a little longer and then perhaps a friendly boat would come along!! it's a risk....

other than that, i am smiling ahoh :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Inso Honey, it is never safe to stay in the water ... because there will always be sharks!
Your survival instinct will keep you off drowning and it will keep pushing you off the water, the same survival instinct will keep pushing you to jump off every pirates' ship.
Just trust your instinct, but first you have to listen to it

rasha said...

enty 3arfa law ana in a deep ocean in the middle of no where and i can't swim enough to reach the shore...3arfa 7a3mel eh?
7arafas lghayet ma taqty tefda bmooty! bas!
7anrafas lghayet manmoot.
might ba2a eldonia tetla3 zareefa oo ba3d shwayet tarfees - only 3ashan mafeesh 7al tany gheer giving it all we've got - 2ala2y looooooooove boat...3arfa the theme?
hehehe i can hear the song as i write this in my head:D

so, whether saved or died trying...that's the only proud thing we can choose.


hurricane_x said...

Can anyone choose to drown when there's a chance for survival?

insomniac said...

ok! the three of you are basically suggesting the same thing!


survival u say... it's really the key word here... but how long can one fight for survival, and what are the guarantees that one's instinct are always good enough to be trusted?!

which brings us to...


le7ad akher nafas... i agree, bas mesh de el moshkela, el moshkela fe 2areb el nagah elly momken mayetla3sh areb nagah! (no i don't know the theme!!)


and finally...


i never mentioned that anyone would choose drowning! i was just wondering if sometimes drowning is the better unfortunate event!!

but since you've all mentioned it... no survivor would choose drowning, you're all right that way...

my wondering was if drowning would be better in such a case when you end up surviving to a worse fate... sa3etha ya tara hat2oolo "ya retny kont ghere2t!"... bas keda!!

rasha said...

momken...gayez...kol shee2 momken'll never know till you try...the experience itself is all about my tarfees theory.
lets reverse the example...say u were drowning into a troubled marriage and you thought that divorce is our boat...suddenly, u discovered it wasn't...
best way to read it is reverse the meaning into a lesson ...a life experience...a step that enlightened u to see the truth.
vice versa of cource...
every scenario is aplicable here.
and all are important human experiences and all leed to being bara elezaza!!!
bottom line, if you're a surviver you'll find your way and say the truth as naked as it is or die trying.
that's courage!

now about the theme hehehe asdek en ana 3agooza :D
heya fe3lan very old...bas begad u gotta hear it to know how corney and refreshing it is :)
u tube it girl.


insomniac said...

rasha habibty :)

another keyword is survival, which goes a lot with instincts... ur so right that way, a survivor will always find a way....

elmoshkela fel thought that ic an't shake off that sometimes letting go is better... more like teh quick sand theory... floating is more relaxing that fighting we tarfees... bas the trick is that with floating you need to learn to let go...

letting go is hard... wana zay ma olt wa7da who floats only because she knows she can stand upright whenever she needs to, i am afraid i will lose my ability to float once i realize that if i stand up right i will not touch ground!!

don't worry about me though... fel akher i am a survivor and i end up surviving... bas lazem atfalsef :)))

i checked the theme btw ;)

hugs :D

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