September 5, 2009

الحمد لله

IBHOG came up with the best idea that inspired my long lost Ramadan spirit. For the rules, go to IBHOG’s…

I am grateful for…

- My boys. I remember being pregnant and depressed, I remember my one wish was healthy and smart kids (I have very low tolerance of stupidity), and every time I look at them, I feel grateful because they are much better than I could have ever wished! Beem is loving and tender, and Mocha is witty and hilarious… and they both take a lot more after me than their dad. BLESSED is what I feel when I think of my boys, and sometimes also BURDENED because I don’t know how to cherish such bliss.

- My friends. I have quite the variety, how different their interests and backgrounds are, and yet they have at least one thing in common, me. They make me feel loved and accepted, and the smallest gesture they do touches me too deep, be it a phone call when I am down to cheer me up or a ride when I am too depressed to tell the directions for myself. More importantly, they make it feel like I have well deserved it; they make me feel like I am as a good friend as they are. APPRECIATED and LOVED is what I feel when I think of my friends.

- My Father. He is my wall, knowing that he is there for me gives me a sense of protection I know no one else can give. SAFE is what I feel whenever I think of my father.

- My Job. At first, I thought it was a career dead-end -which it probably is to anyone else-, but now I appreciate the low level of tension, especially with my drama. As overqualified as I think I am for my job (business grad, marketing concentration, yet working in administration), I still have a decent status there, a good pay and benefits, not to mention that I have the nicest boss in the world who makes up for the colleagues who may push the wrong buttons sometimes. LUCKY is what I feel when I think of my job.

- Me. No, I am not being conceited, but I have a lot of good things going for me and I know it; I am relatively healthy, I’ve been told I am smart and good looking, I come from a respectable family, I received good education, and I have decent financial means that spare me worrying about the future. PRIVILEGED and CONTENT is what I feel when I think of all those things God has granted me.

- The wishes I am granted. Every time I kneeled and prayed for something, God has granted it to me; it made me seal every prayer with asking God not to grant me what’s not good for me because I know I don’t know what’s best for me most of the time. THANKFUL, OVERWHELMED, AWED, and CHALLENGED is what I feel every time a prayer is answered.

Those might have seemed like six blessings, but there's a lot more to each, especially the last two; they're ever growing, not to mention too many to count!

الحمد لله

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you mentioned your kids as the first blessing :)))...motherhood just amazes me, the truest love on earth.


insomniac said...

Ironically ya R, i was yelling at my kids just as i was writing this :) they were fighting over french fries and making an oily mess all over the place while fighting which fry is whose!!

it is amazing, motherhood; very consuming and yet very rewarding in its own way!!!!!!!

and i am expecting you to add something about your blessings, i understand it will be very brief for the sake of your anonymity, but it will do :) yalla, pitch in :)

Anonymous said...

There's this story of a man of a strong faith ....whenever i read i just feel how i am so ungrateful :

أحد السلف كان أقرع الرأس أبرص البدن أعمى العينين مشلول القدمين واليدين وكان يقول: 'الحمد لله الذي عافاني مما ابتلى به كثيراً ممن خلق، وفضلني تفضيلاً '.

فمر به رجل فقال له: مما عافاك؟ أعمى وأبرص وأقرع ومشلول فمما عافاك؟

فقال:ويحك يا رجل؛ جعل لي لساناً ذاكراً، وقلباً شاكراً، وبدناً على البلاء صابراً،

I just feel speechless what i could come up with :

-Health (obivously :D)

-Being an Arab Muslim , because I can pray and recite qur2an without any problem cause i already speak arabic, imagine how lucky we are!

-Internet, without it I would have lost my sanity long time ago , it's like my best friend :)

-Water , unlike other districts and areas in our beloved Egypt ,there's water in the house whenever i need it...some governarates don't have that "luxury" which is sad casue it's actually a necessity in our everyday life!

-Crying, it just washes out your soul and somehow releases tension....i'm glad i'm a female so that i can cry whenever i want without being judged :D .

I dunno if i did the right way according to the rules. :)


insomniac said...


i can't but smile... i loved your comment, loved how simple and to the point it is, not to mention heartfelt... and i am so very grateful you took the time to write it, somehow it meant a lot :) so thanks dear :))

and you're right about the story, it is such an eye opener... fills me with a mixed feeling of gratitude and guilt for not doing right by my faith as i should with all my blessings :)

have a blessed Ramadan habibty :)

Anonymous said...

Now you have me dying to meet the boys! Rabbena yekhalihomllek ya Rab!

insomniac said...

thanks inji :)

hawareeholmlek 7ader :)