September 4, 2009

About today…

I woke up to a call from the x telling me that he was getting ready to come and pick up the boys. Today they go with their nanny to his place and spend the entire day with his family.

I’ve been preparing Beem for that all through the week so that he wouldn’t panic when he realizes that I won’t be joining them like every weekend when we go out, so when he heard me saying the x’s name on the phone, he jumped off bed and woke up mocha saying “es7a ya mocha, pappy gyyy yakhodna, yalla

For the first time in God knows how long, they showered without the usual fuss about shampoo getting in their eyes!

Beem got dressed peacefully without crying about his favorite t-shirt or the pair of shoes I never let him wear because it’s summer! For the love of God, they let me comb their hair and clip their nails without fighting back!!!!

They left with him a while ago…

I almost cried on my way upstairs.

Now, I had a big plan for myself to keep my busy all day… I planned to clean up the room, have a nice long bath, manicure and pedicure, dress up for the Iftar with my sis and her coworkers, and then go to the Pool with Rasha for a nice night swim.

Instead, I am lying in bed with my laptop, the lighting in my room is busted and so is the window, so I am forced to sit in a dimly lit room, which is not so encouraging to clean up! It feels to hot to take a bath; I want to bask in the a/c instead (at least that is working), I am even too lazy to change back into my pjs!

This will be a long day unless something extraordinary happens!


The.I.inside said...

Nothing to say but may God grant u strength and u'll have ur kids in ur arm in no time

insomniac said...

i know :)

problem is i will want my space again to do something i never exactly did when they were away...

magnoona ana!

thanks dear

Abdelsalam Rashad said...

Sometimes u just need to do nothing.

insomniac said...

indeed, but i have been too restless lately that nothing barely sounds good!

anyways, it was a good day, had fun with my sister's coworkers, met up with my good friend and then went home to find my kids all happy and excited about being so welcomed at their dad's

turns out it was a good day, alhamdulilah :)

Anonymous said...

Inso dear..i don't understand what happened on the way up ? you missed your kids? or felt they left you so easily for their father?


insomniac said...


they left too easy! i expected some convincing from my side for them to accept that i will not be joining them! apparently i was convincing enough all through the week for Beem and Mocha just does as his brother and having his nanny hold him sort of soothed him or something!

Beem woke up a while ago saying "ana 3ayez aroo7 beit pappy, ana ba7eb henak aktar"... and so it begins!!!

Anonymous said...

Check my blog. You've been tagged in a game, I hope you share :)

It might help you cheer up keda :)

insomniac said...

working on it!